How to Become a CIA Agent in Illinois

According to one estimate, the State of Illinois’s economy is bigger than Switzerland’s. Illinois is the sixth largest state in the US with a total population of over 12 million. The state is also home to multiple US military bases, and corporations like McDonald’s, Boeing, State Farm and others. It therefore comes as no surprise for the US intelligence network that foreign countries and their spy agencies are involved in espionage activities in the state.
In 2018, a Chinese student at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) was arrested for helping China to recruit American engineers and scientists. To stop all such acts of economic and other types of espionage in future, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plays an active role in the reinforcementof the US national security.

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If you are interested in joining the US intelligence community and especially the CIA, here is in-depth information on how to become a CIA agent in Illinois.

Become a CIA Agent in Illinois
How to Become a CIA Agent

Requirements to Become a CIA Agent in Illinois

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offers a variety of positions to those who qualify. Recruitment is done year-round. To find out vacancies available with the agency, visit the CIA’s official website.
Though each position will have its own set of requirements, the following are universal requirements – applicable to all vacancies:

  • All applicants must be US citizens. Though dual nationals may be eligible to apply, all applicants must be physically present in the US at the time of filing of application.
  • All applicants must be educationally qualified for the position they are applying for. These requirements will vary from position to position. However, high school graduation or GED is the bare minimum educational qualification.
  • All applicants must clear a thorough background investigation.
  • All applicants must pass a polygraph exam.
  • All applicants must pass a thorough medical and psychological exam.

And though this is not a qualification for applying for a position, all CIA positions are available in the Washington, DC metro area. Therefore, if you are hired, you will have to relocate here, without exception. If you cannot relocate to the nation’s capital or its adjoining area, then do not apply with the agency.

Steps to Become a CIA Agent in Illinois

In order to initiate your application process, you need to fulfill the following steps:

  • Visit the CIA’s official website and on the main page look up “Careers & Internships”. From there click on “Application Process” and then click on “Application Instructions”. Read this section carefully
  • Once you are ready, click on “Apply Now”
  • Create an account
  • Receive a user ID
  • Create a password for this account
  • Save your user ID and password
  • Add up to four (04) positions in your account
  • Fill the Application for Employment section (the information you need for this section is mentioned above)
  • Fill out the Personnel Evaluation Form (the information required for this section is discussed below)
  • Fill out the voluntary section of the application

It is important to know that you will be given three (03) days to complete your application. If you do not complete or file your application package during this time, your account will be automatically deleted by the CIA.

How to File the CIA Application Package in Three Days

The trick is in knowing what the application package consists of. It consists of these three parts:

  • Application for Employment
  • Personnel Evaluation Form
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (Optional)

Now that you know what the application package entails, you should know what each part asks for. Gathering relevant information in advance will save you time and help you file in your application in time.

What Information Do I Need to Fill In Application for Employment Section?

  • Education
  • Work history
  • Foreign language proficiency levels
  • Military experience
  • Basic background information
  • Areas of expertise
  • Certifications and licenses
  • Foreign area knowledge
  • Preferences
  • Writing samples and transcripts

What Information Do I Need to Fill In Personnel Evaluation Form Section?

  • Peace Corps employment
  • Criminal convictions and violations of law
  • Military discharge and disciplinary proceedings
  • Selective Service enrollment
  • Security clearance
  • Delinquent federal debt
  • Polygraph test
  • Employment issues
  • Drug use and activity
  • Background investigation

What Information Do I Need to Fill In Equal Employment Opportunity Section?

It’s a voluntary section and will have no bearing on the acceptance of your application if not filled in.

What Do I Do After Submitting My Application Package?

You wait. It is typical of the CIA recruiters to contact you within 45 days of filing of an application, if they are interested in you. If you do not hear from them (via postal mail, email (keep checking your spam folder too) or telephone) within this time, then your application is rejected. You can apply again after one-year.

How Much Do CIA Agents Earn in Illinois?

You can find the specific information on the agency’s official website. Each position will have its own salary range from minimum to maximum. Generally, the CIA offers competitive salaries, along with paid overtime, bonuses, allowances, holiday pay, Sunday premium pay and night differential. This is in addition to the benefits, which you may be entitled to in the shape of health insurance, child care, paid holidays, life insurance, retirement plan, Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program (SLRAP), etc.

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