The threat of international terrorist organizations is higher than ever before, in multiple states across the country, including Texas. Due to the recent activities of terrorist outfits like ISIS, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is working closely with security organizations at the federal and the state levels to protect the residents of Texas. Talking about this, DPS Director Steven McCraw stated, “Protecting Texans from the full scope of public safety and homeland security threats is the foremost goal of DPS, and the department works with our fellow law enforcement partners at all levels of government to prepare for the unthinkable.”

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Among the organizations working with the Texas Department of Public Safety is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The Central Intelligence Agency is responsible for serving the nation’s interests by analyzing intelligence data and using it to prevent potential security threats to the country. Intelligence is gathered regarding internal and external threats, foreign governments and terrorist cells operating in various parts of the world. The intelligence gathered by the agency is shared with top officials in the country only, including the President, and is used to make well-informed decisions about strategic military actions and even the foreign policy, in some cases.

Become a CIA Agent in Texas
How to Become a CIA Agent

How to Become a CIA Agent in Texas

Before everything else, applicants need to understand that the CIA is a federal agency that operates in Washington, D.C. So regardless of where you want to work as a CIA agent, your recruitment and training process will take place in the capital. You may be transferred to another state, including Texas, at a later stage in your career. The details of the criteria for transfers are not publicly available.

The Central Intelligence Agency offers careers in five different paths:


People with problem-solving and critical thinking skills are encouraged to apply here. Positions under this set of careers include Analytic Methodologist, Economic Analyst, and Human Resource Analyst, etc.


Individuals who possess extraordinary dedication and integrity are encouraged to apply here. Job titles in this department would include the likes of Collection Management Officer, Targeting Officer and Technical Operations Officer, among others.


STEM professionals are required to possess qualities such as innovation, creativity and agility to deal with complex problems. Job titles include Cartographer, Apps Developer, Data Engineer, Digital Targeter, etc.

Enterprise and Support

Individuals in this category are highly skilled, impactful and mission-driven. Potential job opportunities could include working as an Accountant, Contracting Officer, Finance Resource Officer or Support Integration Officer, among others. This category includes all departments necessary to run the CIA smoothly, such as medical, legal and oversight, logistics, education and training and so on.

Foreign Language

Individuals in this category are expected to have the drive and insight to ensure that they always remain one step ahead. Potential job titles include Sign Language Interpreter, Open Source Collection Officer and Foreign Language Instructor.

Requirements to Become a CIA Agent in Texas

The requirements to become a CIA Agent anywhere in the US are generally the same. These are as follows:

  • Candidate must be a US citizen – you can apply as soon as you get your citizenship, not before that. Do not apply if you are not physically present in the country
  • Candidate must not have a history of illegal drug use or prescription drug abuse within the last 12 months of submitting the application
  • Candidates will need to pass a security clearance investigation, which will include a thorough background check, a polygraph examination and a medical exam

How to Apply to Become a CIA Agent in Texas

Once you have cleared the basic requirements, you can then move on to the job-specific requirements. For this, the official CIA website provides very detailed information. You need to head over the website, and click on the “Careers and Internships” tab. Once you have shortlisted the jobs that match your qualifications and interests, you may add these to your ‘job cart’. Make sure to note down all the requirements associated with your chosen job titles.

Only add the jobs that you are qualified for in your job cart, and then hit “apply”. Make sure you have the following information with you:

  • Basic Background Information
  • Your Areas of Expertise
  • Work History
  • Education
  • Certifications and Licenses
  • Foreign Area Knowledge
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Skills
  • Military Experience
  • Preferences
  • Other documents such as transcripts

After agreeing to a terms of consent document, you will get a user ID and will be asked to put a password on your account. Bear in mind that you will have access to your application for a total of three days, after which, it will be automatically deleted. You need to have all the above information handy, along with the information for the personnel evaluation form. This includes the security clearance, polygraph exam, background investigation, etc.

At the end, you may choose to fill out an Equal Employment Opportunity form, which is voluntary.

Once you have completed the application package, save and print all the forms for future reference and submit them after a thorough proof-reading. Your application will then go in for a review by the recruitment officers at CIA. Two days after this, you will be sent a confirmation about the receipt of the application package, so make sure you log in to your account again to check. You are requested not to submit multiple applications.

How much does a CIA Agent make in Texas?

The salary and benefits package offered to you by the CIA will depend on your expertise, experience, application and the position you are hired for. Details about the benefits offered to employees are available on the official CIA website.